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存’s 法律 Notice System (LENS) Data provides a comprehensive, 可搜索的库, 每天更新, of legal notices concerning 直接转矩-eligible securities that are published and furnished by third-party agents, courts and security issuers.

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    存 is one of the most comprehensive repositories of legal notices in the U.S. 每日发行者, agents and courts produce an abundance of securities-related notices that are sent directly to 存. These notices include everything from bankruptcies and defaults to class actions and 19(a) tax information. The LENS Portal grants clients access to the notices in their original, 不变的, document form shortly after they become available to 存. They allow clients to keep themselves and their clients informed, maintain critical compliance, identify investment opportunities and provide greater customer service.

    The LENS library contains notices categorized as follows:


    • Notice to Security Holders
    • 破产
    • Litigation/ Class Actions
    • 违约
    • Letter of Credit Substitution
    • 成本的基础上
    • 异议

    其他转让代理人 (TA)

    • Notifications under Rule 17ad-16 of the SEC Act of 1934

    税务信息 (TX)

    • Section 19(a) Notices

  • 好处



    Conveniently view, download or e-mail notices with colleagues or clients in a timely manner. LENS provides complete access to the information clients need affecting portfolio holdings on a daily basis.
    Indexed and easily searchable data saves time by allowing users to locate relevant notices. Notices are searchable by CUSIP, Keyword, Notice Type or Document Number.
    Increases opperational efficiency by providing five years of historical notices at user's fingertips.
    View, download or e-mail notices
    Easily view or share important notices with colleagues or clients
    Eliminates guesswork by providing daily custom e-mail notifications based off a CUSIP interest list or notice type.
    Saves time by receiving notices in customized bulk downloads from one centralized source.

  • 提供

    • On-demand web repository of legal notices
    • 5 years of historical data

  • 报道

    There are roughly 134 notices posted per day across three different categories:

    • 法律 Notice to Security Holders
    • 其他转让代理人
    • 税务信息.


    The LENS repository offers 5 years of historical data on a broad range of 存 eligible securities.

  • 它是如何工作的

    • 直接转矩 receives notices from issuers, agents, trustees and courts.
    • 直接转矩 makes these notices available in their original document form at 7:00AM ET via LENS.

  • 交付

    • Web interface for on-demand access

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数据服务 - 法律 Notice System Data

法律 Notice System (LENS) Data Factsheet



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  • 新闻

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  • 支持

    联系 our support experts for questions regarding 法律 Notice System Data.



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